About Us

Tulpar started it’s adventure in August 2013 as NBB Research Labs, by developing non-lethal ammunitions. In less than a year first pivately developed 40mm cartridges were realized.

Due to very complicated and long process of explosive production approvals in Turkey, Tulpar decided to transfer this know how to other companies and made first agreement with Yavex Defence in February 2015.

Until December 2015, production plant established under the supervision of Tulpar, production process designed, equipments designed and ordered and facility became operational.

Total 40 products developed in 8 main product family for non-lethal bussiness. Some of them consists state-of-the-art technologies like spinner grenade.

Our supervision continued for another 1 year for the excellence of the operation.

Then, we have open another challence with the UAVs. From Jun 2016, we started to develop UAVs and ammunitions to use with UAVs.

Until today ( May 2019 ) more than 40 UAVs body designed to reach the excellent, rugged, lightweight, compact and easy to maintain structure.

T6 Series UAV bodies are latest – right now – development.

Very soon, we’ll able to add AI vision to our devices. Also safe but reliable fuzes for ammunitions focused on to be used on UAVs are coming…