Modular High Load Drones

The word modular has been used intentionally for our inhouse developed drones. Because most of the parts are interchangeable between models plus upgrading or increasing the capacity is possible.

Tulpar develops high load drones;

which can carry 2kg to 12kg multicopters

2-5Kg Payload Operator Guided Cruise Ammunitions

T5E Yavuz

T6A Medium Load Drone

T6C High Load Drone

Here is a list of our drones whose R&D work have been completed.

Some other projects currently on-going;

Operator Guided Cruise Ammunition – 120mm Ammunution which can be fired from standard 120m smooth bore guns and can be directed via telemetry link for precise hit.

All drones are developed inhouse by considering harsh military conditions which results less damage in crash lands to keep long term costs down.