T6A Medium Load UAV

  • Foldable

    Easy to carry, most smallest form factor in the market.

  • Durable

    Aluminium Structure. Even though carbon fiber is widely used in drone industry, CF's is more brittle and less likely survive in a slightest crash. So using Aluminium reduce long term costs for users and increases the durability.

  • Tulpar Made Li-Ion Battery Packs

    Best Power/Weight Ratio only got by highest grade Li-Ion modules which Tulpar used.

  • Multi Role

    Tulpar T6 Series drone can carry belly loads + dual cameras in the front.

T6A with Tear Gas Launcher

T6A is our 6th generation body, medium load UAV.

Medium load means 3-7KG useful load capacity as T6A has 5.7 KG useful load capacity.

As again, uses foldable arms like previous versions, but with thinner body makes T6A smaller.

24A Dual batteries and reduced weight improved flight time (55+ Minutes)

T6A with General Purpose Launcher

Standard T-Bus connection ports and load hooks persist.

Additional to previous versions, T6A can manage 3 cameras ( 2 front port, 1 back port ).

T6A is a perfect choice for S&R operations with it's long endurance and portability.

With folding dimensions 360x300x180mm, it's easy to carry in a small sized pelicase which is included in the set.


Weight1950 gr
Weight w/Batteries4550 gr
Flight Time with TG01 Gimbal53 Minutes
Range18 Km
Altitude3000 meters
Video TransmitterIntegrated Analog or Digital
Working FrequencyC Band
Frequency HopingYes
Anti-Laser CoatingOptional
Max Load5.7 Kg
Flight time with Max Load25 Minutes
All Wheather PackageIncluded

Standard Accessories

  • Patent Pending One Click Camera Mount
  • Patent Pending Folding Mechanism
  • Smart Charging System
  • T-Bus Common Load Control System
  • Adapter to use standard Li-Po batteries
  • Tactical Rugged Pelicase
  • Aluminum Alloy Rugged Structure