T6B High Load UAV

T6B is renoved body with 7 KG useful load. Foldable arms and propellers gives it’s users mobility and freedom.

Long flight time maintained by optimized esc-programming and lightweight body. Even though body is lighter, with it’s metal structure inside, it’s stronger than it’s precedessors.

With it’s patent pending folding mechanism, it can fit into a small rugged pelicase. It’s folded dimensions is 440x300x180mm, unfolded dimensions is 710x650x400mm.

20″ Quick Fit propellers make sure ready to fly time is less than 60 seconds.

Smart and Fast charger unit can charge all the batteries in less than 60 minutes.

T6B with dual camera in the front and public addressing system mounted in the rear tractor bracket.

There are 4 control unit options;

  • TR-03 C Band Video Receiver Integrated Handheld Type.
  • TR-04 C Band Video Receiver Integrated with Panasonic Toughpad
  • TR-05 C Band Case Type, Video Receiver Integrated with Computer Control.
  • Standard 2.4 Ghz Proportional

Like all other Tulpar drones, with T-Bus port and quick fit adapters, loads can be exchanged in seconds.

Civilian versions does not include the fire control computer.

T6B with tear gas grenade launcher

3 Different cameras can be manageable. 2 in the front and one in the lower load.


Weight2500 gr
Weight w/Batteries5100 gr
Flight Time with TG01 Gimbal48 Minutes
Range18 Km
Altitude3000 meters
Video TransmitterIntegrated Analog or Digital
Working FrequencyC Band
Frequency HopingYes
Anti-Laser CoatingOptional
Max Load7 Kg
Flight time with Max Load18 Minutes
All Wheather PackageIncluded

Standard Accessories

  • Patent Pending One Click Camera Mount
  • Patent Pending Folding Mechanism
  • Smart Charging System
  • T-Bus Common Load Control System
  • Adapter to use standard Li-Po batteries
  • Tactical Rugged Pelicase
  • Aluminum Alloy Rugged S